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Report 2022 – Road Safety Campaign

This year, through an awareness campaign, the City of Pointe-Claire reminded all road users of the proper actions to take while driving, biking or on foot to ensure everyone’s safety.

The various messages highlights the responsibilities and obligations of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians under the theme “Road safety, I do my part!”

“This summer campaign reminded citizens of the appropriate behaviour to adopt on the road in order to insure an ever safer environment. Thank you to everyone who shared these awareness messages and who will continue to be careful year-round,” says Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire.

From May to October, the campaign was broadcasted on the City’s various social media accounts, through posts, short ephemeral videos and illustrations, and on the City’s electronic billboards. More than 30 posts and dozens of videos were broadcasted during this period, reaching an average of 950 people each week.

For a second year, residents were invited in May to recommend locations in their neighbourhood for the temporary installation of radar speed radars. During the 20 weeks of the campaign, these radars reminded motorists of the 40 km/h limit in our neighbourhoods and made them aware of their speed.

As the awareness campaign draws to a close, we remind road users to continue making appropriate choices and to create awareness of the importance of road safety all year round.

Road safety, I do my part!