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Trick-or-treating: safety comes first!

In the lead up to trick-or-treating this weekend, Inspection – Public Security is reminding parents and children to be vigilant and to put safety first on Halloween night.

Here is advice to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe Halloween:

For anyone in a vehicle, please exercise caution at all times and wherever you are that night! We also wish to remind you that government rules around COVID-19 still limit indoor gatherings in private homes to 10 people.

Moreover, to ensure that Halloween is safe for children with allergies. For a few years now, Allergy Quebec has been proposing that you decorate a teal-coloured pumpkin to let children know that you are offering allergen-free candies or non-food treats. That way, all our scary monsters, cackling witches and mischievous elves can enjoy a carefree Halloween!

Happy Halloween!