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Update – Thunderstorm and strong winds on June 23

The following is a City of Pointe-Claire update on the damage caused to several trees by the thunderstorm and strong winds on the evening of June 23 and through the night.

Closure of Bord-du-LacLakeshore Road between Sunnyside and Water’s Edge

Bord-du-LacLakeshore Road is closed to traffic, between Sunnyside and Water’s Edge, due to a tree that has fallen across the road. For safety reasons, Hydro-Québec teams must remove the tree due to the presence of electric wires. The work could continue until the night of June 25.

More than 30 trees need to be secured

Last night, Public Security, Public Works and the Volunteer Rescue Unit secured sectors where trees and large branches fell on public thoroughfares and along streets, posing a risk to public safety.

To report a tree or a dangerous branch on a public thoroughfare, contact Public Security at 514-630-1234 at any time.

For an intervention on private property, you must contact a private contractor to have the work done.

Electrical power

To find out about the status of the grid and when power is expected to be restored, go to Hydro-Québec’s website

Branch collection

If you have fallen branches on your property following the recent strong winds, you can place them on the side of the road, or on the sidewalk, with the broken side of the branches facing the road for easier pick-up.

Exceptionally this year, due to the growing number of calls requesting branch collection, Public Works teams will regularly drive through the City to pick them up. Therefore, it is not necessary to contact Public Works to provide your address for branch collection.

For more details on branch collection, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation.