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An African spurred tortoise in Terra-Cotta Natural Park

An African spurred tortoise was spotted in Terra-Cotta Natural Park on July 1. It was picked up nine days later close to a Pointe-Claire residence—a long ways from its natural desert habitat.

Thanks to the collaboration of our citizens and the Public Works team, the tortoise was located on July 10, in a home’s flowerbed at the edge of Terra-Cotta Natural Park.

The reptile, which would not have survived our winter conditions, was picked up and safely driven to the municipal offices before being handed over to a zoological institution.

The tortoise was male, about 10 years old, around 30-cm long and weighed more than 20 lbs. The African spurred tortoise can live more than 80 years and grow to be up to 80-cm long and weigh up to 220 lbs. It is the third largest continental tortoise species in the world.

Animal shelters are available to the community all year long, but especially during moving season, to prevent animals from being abandoned.


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