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Demolition Committee’s decision confirmed for the residential project at 575 Saint-Jean Boulevard

The City Council of Pointe-Claire confirmed, on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, during a regular meeting of City Council, the Demolition Committee’s decision to approve the demolition and refuse the program to reutilize the vacant land at 575 Saint-Jean Boulevard.

“Out of respect for citizen’s concerns and having read all of the letters we received and heard all of the representations that were made, the members of City Council unanimously confirmed the Demolition Committee’s decision on April 14 to approve the demolition and refuse the residential project proposed on this land,” said Mayor John Belvedere.

The zoning by-law in effect at the time the request was submitted permitted the construction of a 10-storey residential building on this site. Given the growing demand for the construction of multi-unit buildings on the territory and the concerns raised by the community, City Council unanimously adopted, during a special meeting on December 15, 2020, a draft by-law intended, among other things, to reduce the maximum height from 10 to 6 storeys. The goal is to ensure the harmonious integration of any future project in this sector with the adjacent residential neighbourhoods. This new zoning by-law came into force on March 17, 2021.

Since the residential project at 575 Saint-Jean Boulevard was submitted prior to this by-law amendment, it had be reviewed on the basis of the by-law in effect at the time of the request.

“As for all of our files, the process followed due course, in accordance with our City by-laws. Every step of the way, we took into account the concerns of citizens. In particular, we facilitated contact between citizens and the developer, organized a meeting between them, and reconsidered the City by-law to ensure a more harmonious integration with the surrounding living environment,” said the mayor.

A demolition permit can only be issued if a program to reutilize vacant land has been approved.

Any future projects presented for this site must comply with the by-law in effect at the time of the request and must follow all of the regulatory steps that have been put in place. If applicable, a public notice will be posted on the City’s website and in the local newspaper as well as on the Demolition Committee’s page to announce the date on which the Demolition Committee will review the replacement project submitted, during a public meeting.


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