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Public garden boxes at the Central Library and Arthur-Séguin Park

Two public garden boxes have been set up near the Central Library and the chalet at Arthur-Séguin Park. All summer long, citizens are invited to come see how the herbs, vegetables and flowers planted there are growing, and pick them once they are ready.

Made of recycled ash wood, the garden boxes will bear signs indicating whether the plants are ready to be picked or not, or whether they need to be watered or left alone for the soil to absorb the water. Watering cans and a rainwater recover barrel will be available to the gardeners for that purpose.

The height of the boxes is accessible for people with reduced mobility. At the Library, a section of the garden has been set up for young children, to introduce them to botany. Arthur-Séguin Park, on the other hand, will be hosting the Aid for Seniors program.

Information: 514 630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca